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This Cleaning Services Policy outlines the cleaning activities and procedures that the company will conduct to deliver its services and ensure a positive customer service experience. This policy serves to inform clients of the company’s regulations and scope of work.

Definition of Terms

  1. Access Code – A sequence of numbers or letters a user enters into a keypad or keyboard to access a system. Access codes are a popular alternative to a lock and key.
  2. Cleaning Agents – These are products or substances used for cleaning and removing contaminants from surfaces. These agents aid in the removal of dust, stains, grime, and foul odor.


This policy applies to all clients who avail themselves of Jaklean Ltd’s cleaning services. It covers the company’s cleaning activities, employee protocols, and rules that clients must comply with to ensure smooth transactions and efficient service delivery.

Terms and Conditions

Jaklean Ltd Obligation: Our terms and conditions also represent our contracts with our clients

  1. General Terms for Domestic Cleaning Services
    1. Registration to our services indicates that you have accepted our terms and conditions
    2. Upon registration, it takes up to 2 days to allocate or reallocate a regular domestic cleaner 
    3. It takes up to three (3) days to allocate cleaners for all other cleans; although upon request we may be able to allocate a cleaner within 24 hours 
    4. A temporary cleaner will cover the job in the case of the absence of a regular cleaner due to sickness or leave. 
    5. All of our cleaners are vetted according to our standards and introduced into the job role by face-to-face formal means of payments 
    6. All payments should be made payable to Jaklean Ltd on the same day or within 24 hours after completion of a cleaning session
    7. Payments are currently only accepted by bank transfer or cash payment. An invoice shall be processed within 8hours following the completion of a cleaning session
    8. There are no registration fees for using our services. 
    9. Late fees and payments may incur a charge of £1.90 per day including weekends
    10. Prices are subject to review at any time without prior notice 
    11. In the event that the cleaning service is not carried out and there is neglect the cleaners or agency part; a replacement cleaner will be provided OR the full payment for this time will be refunded. 
    12. If a client decides that they no longer want to use the service after the first clean; for reasons other than the cleaners/agency’s fault; the clean will have to be classified as a one-off clean and a minimum of £50 should be made payable to Jaklean Ltd. 
    13. If a client fails to be at home when a cleaner turns up for a clean with no prior property access arrangements; the cleaner should STILL BE PAID AS APPROPRIATE.
    14. Cleaning Services
  2. Clients should make every effort to contact the agency if they would like to rearrange a cleaning. If a cleaner turns up to a booked clean and the client fails to be at home; payment for the duration of the clean will still be expected.
  3. There are no services on bank holidays, Christmas or New Year. Clients should make alternative arrangements with their cleaners if their cleaning falls on these dates
  4. There is no minimum term contract for domestic clients on all regular cleaning arrangements that are booked with Jaklean Ltd; however, we require a 2 weeks’ notice for cancellation
  5. There is a minimum term contract of 6 months for long-term commercial clients on all regular cleaning arrangements that are booked with Jaklean Ltd. We require a 4 weeks notice for cancellation.
  6. Other Terms and Conditions
  7. Jaklean Ltd serves as an introduction agency for cleaners
  8. Clients are responsible for providing cleaning products to carry out the job
  9. Jaklean Ltd makes every effort to ensure that cleaners are fully vetted; however, we cannot take responsibility in the event that 
  10. The cleaner fails to comply with our or your rules and regulations
  11. Cleaners are not permitted to use bleach, to service or clean any specialized products
  12. Cleaners will do laundry on request; however, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they give full instructions to carry out laundry services
  13. In the event that a client successfully deals directly with a cleaner; a sum of £500 will be charged by Jaklean Ltd to cover all the necessary expenses and losses.
  14. Cleaners should be treated with request at all times by clients